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An Array of Our Equestrian Trainings, Lessons, and More

At Phil Jackson Cutting Horses in Chino Valley, Arizona, we provide personalized services that work for your equestrian training needs. Our company offers the expertise of the most dedicated team of specialists to work with you and your horse.

Specialty Services


We take pride in being very selective about our transactions. As a company, we want to get the highest dollar for your horse and get a fair price working from other trainers’ inventory. Trust our experts to find the right buyer for your horse and the right horse for your riding ability and goals. Each horse we sell or purchase for you carry our own company’s seal of quality.


Our lessons are about an hour long, depending on your horse and your needs. Flag, cattle, and rider-focused lessons are available.

General Horsemanship ($50.00)

We address specific issues with riding horses and/or their behavioral issues.

Flag Work ($50.00)

These are horsemanship principles applied with the flag to help finetune a horse and its rider for any cattle-related event.

Cattle ($75.00)

This may include some flag work to help solidify concepts taught in lesson. However, most of the session will be dedicated to working with live cattle.


Our experts can travel to any National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) weekend event, aged event, and local club show. We will assist with preparing and coaching our clients and their horses in aged or novice horse events.

Starting Colts

We train colts of all disciplines. Whether you are looking for a safe and gentle horse for the trail or an open-caliber performance horse, we can tailor your horse’s program with the same standard of care, love, and dedication that meets your end goal.


We do on-cattle or flag-only, depending on your goal and the skill level of the horse. Included is the feed and the on-site trainer who will work and take care of your horse daily. One lesson a week is also included in the training fee.

Reach Out to Us

Our team is always dedicated to provide for your horse cutting needs.
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