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Get to Know Our Head Trainer at Phil Jackson Cutting Horses

Phil Jackson grew up around horses all his life. As a young man, he recalls heading out horseback by the White Tanks outside of Buckeye in Arizona. Whether he was traveling to the weekend penning and sorting shows or to practice sessions with his dad, he was always around horses.

Equestrian Experience

Phil was able to gain experience as he worked with Matt Sargood in Texas. He then went to work for Silverbrook Ranches, owned by Helen Groves, also known as the First Lady of Cutting. It was also at this time that he trained under Josh King.

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Learning the Ropes in Texas

His time in Texas gave him some insight on training, ranching, and the daily routine of training the cutting horse from infancy to becoming a show horse. It was here that he began developing his unique combination of training skills. He started to work successful shows, whether they were working with a weekend club show horse or an award-winning horse shown across the entire nation.

Back in Arizona

Phil came back to Arizona where he began assistant training in The Cowan Ranches in Payson, AZ. This provided him the opportunity to hold shows extensively throughout the nation. He trained with Ryan Else from Ryan Else Training and Tim Smith, whose teachings refined his skills with the cutting horse. These experiences paved the way toward becoming an award-winning showman in the local and national arena.

Establishing His Own Ranch

Phil Jackson is ready to open a training facility with his own vision going forward. The ability to intuitively understand animals and build up horses physically and emotionally, truly sets Phil Jackson apart. Partner his instinctual ability with the opportunity to work with great horses, and learn a lot about cutting horses, and you’ll understand why Phil is impassioned in what he does.

He truly is a unique trainer who has taken the best from all his experiences to create his own program.


Personalized Cutting Programs

He believes that no matter the level of experience, cutting should be enjoyable for the rider. It should be free from judgement, negative comments, and feelings. Training with Phil consists of individualized training goals and programs based on the rider and the horse's potential. These sessions emphasize strengths and improve weaknesses in an honest and straightforward way.

Learner-Focused Sessions

When giving lessons, he believes that people need things broken down in a way that they can understand. Doing this helps the lessons be more digestible, ensuring people are able to grasp what to do and why.

Quality Over Quantity

Phil does not want more than 10-12 horses training at a time. We boast keeping our training sessions small, focused, and individualized, so that clients and horses can really be pushed and closely monitored. This way, they can exceed all goals and expectations. His idea is quality over quantity.

Ready to Get Started?

So, the team at Phil Jackson's Cutting Horses wants to know; when are you going to call and become the rider you've always wanted to be? Get in touch with our team today to sign up.