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A Word About Phil Jackson Cutting Horses

 Our commitment to you, our clients....

          Phil Jackson Cutting Horses and staff are committed to providing a high quality unmatched experience where our clients receive individualized care and horse training programs tailored to their specific goals in a safe and enjoyable environment where care and quality are always put first.  

Instruction and learning about riding horses in any cow horse event

What to Expect

Quality Instruction.

We want you to have fun and enjoy your time horseback and for your horse to respect and enjoy the job you are asking them to perform. 

Constructive Feedback.

By providing feedback in a nonthreatening, easy to understand approach we establish a positive atmosphere where you and your horse feel good about your progress and achieve your goals.

Professional service.

Our  staff will provide top quality care for your horse and maintain a safe environment at all times


Meet Our Team

 Everyone at Phil Jackson Cutting Horses has a deep commitment to our clients.  We believe that constant communication, unquestionable integrity and our ability to help our clients and horses reach their full potential and successfully accomplish their goals are the hallmarks of the success and growth of our training facility. 


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Phil Jackson Cutting Horses

1725 N. Windmill Way, Chino Valley, AZ 86323, US2158

(602) 510-2158

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